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Change your life by changing your thinking

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Work with ENHANCE YOUR HORIZONS to find clarity and understanding from your life experiences.

  • Understand why you cannot keep weight off or cannot get into those size 10 jeans.
  • Why it is that you cannot resist sweet and/or fatty foods.
  • Why your wife/husband, kids, work, commute are just all too much, sometimes?
  • Exactly why it is that you cannot bring yourself to ask for that pay rise which you deserve.
  • Understand why you have a lack of confidence that just makes you think: I cannot do it, I am not good enough. It’s always going to be like this.

Do these feelings sound familiar to you? – There is another way.

Joanna at Enhance Your Horizons works at a subconscious level to help individuals, professionals and self-starters. Joanna identifies the exact reasons why there is something stopping you from being yourself and achieving the success in life that you desire. Joanna helps you to understanding how negative habit patterns repeat constantly in a loop, resulting in on-going pain and suffering.

A session with Joanna will give you the knowledge, awareness and tools to improve your sense of self, and an ability to deal with your issue. You will understand yourself and your past behaviour; you will have skills to move past those old thoughts and beliefs.  You will be able to move away from old painful, depressing thoughts into a new sense of energy, freedom, power and motivation.  You will be able to focus more clearly on what you want in your life.


Joanna has had successes with confidence, self-concept, career goals/ambition, relationship issues, weight control, fear of dental work, selective drinking and many more.

Joanna is a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist and a certified Hypnotherapist. Joanna was trained by the world renowned Marisa Peer in London, who is recognised as one of the worlds most distinguished Hypnotherapists.

“I am very happy to recommend ‘Enhance Your Horizons’. Joanna has given me great clarity. I now understand that I believed my old thoughts and feelings for so many years. Joanna also gave me the most powerful and wonderful recording which makes me feel so confident and positive.”  Samantha – Gloucester

RTT gives the ability to unblock and express feelings causing pain and frustration and to bring the freedom and strength required to live a successful life.

When you change your thinking for the better your whole life will also change for the better.

Become the most wonderful version of YOU!

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Enhanced Horizons

Change your life by changing your thinking

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