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Hi everyone!

My name is Jocelyn Awhina Dodunski, and as a Health Professional for over 24 years and 13 of those as a Registered Nurse in Emergency Nursing, I became interested in Alternative Healing, Understanding Human Behaviour & the Human Mind.

Whilst apart of the Western Modality of Medicine and facilitating some of the most Traumatic, life threatening and life changing events of peoples lives, I was able to ascertain some commonalities during my career. These would create a turning point for me in my original beliefs, where I questioned all I knew about Health, Disease & Illness after going through my own experience of personal Health issues. There came a time where I had to make a choice, Life threatening Surgery or Self Healing based on Alliance with Mind, Body & Soul connections. On the day of surgery I cancelled my operation and instead signed up at the gym and committed to changing my lifestyle, which three months later I was on track to a healthier me and no further complaints.

This created a paradox from what I knew which was treat the Physical ailment, take medication for temporary or extended lengths of time and be at the mercy of your Health.  The second option is to take control and become a driver to reach healthier truths, which is the empowered path I took for myself. I learnt more about the Mind, Body, Soul connections which finally lead me to being Certified in NLP, Time Line (R) Therapy, EDISC Behavioural Profiling, Hypnotherapy & Energy Healing. I became more curious and dedicated my spare time to helping people who needed to overcome Emotional or Physical pain that was stunting their success and growth. This is where the magic happened, when I saw the Quality of Life experienced when people took ownership of their own experience and were able to change their life and in turn assist in their overall Health.

These practices I lived by until I experienced a Significant Emotional Event, which was so Traumatic in nature, it initiated a deep, visceral response within me and with all my tools, I had no idea how to begin to deal with this one. When I came across Rapid Transformational Therapy I had faced 18 months of Trauma & PTSD and was desperate for another avenue of Healing as everything ‘cognitive’ I had tried, after having numerous Coaches & Therapists work with me, had not helped and in some ways were ‘retraumatising’. I had started a Trauma course which involved Shadow work, and learnt how to speak my truth again without fear, with total Certainty and Authenticity. With one powerful RTT session I was able to breakthrough the breakdown and transform my life, my health and my relationships making drastic changes putting the needs of my daughter first and foremost and myself.

I believe everyone is born with unique gifts  & talents that nobody else has. There is a special something that each person has to offer to the world. These can not be fully expressed when low vibrational energies, old wounds, traumas, hurts, conditioning & programming that does not serve, is limiting and restrictive. There is a light inside each and everyone that is supposed to shine and if this light constantly feels like it is running on low, empty or out even, by the power of decision that can all change. The mind loves what is familiar, the mind does not like the unfamiliar, it is designed that way to protect you, and this is the key. It is not up to your mind to make you happy, the fundamental role of the Human brain is to survive, in whatever capacity possible.  It is your job to make yourself happy, no one else can do that for you. With an RTT session we can identify what needs to be made familiar for you to get the results you seek and what needs to be made unfamiliar similarly.

I would love to help you on your own personal journey of Growth, Expansion and Healing and I look forward to serving those who are ready to live a more Empowered life and look forward to the future they can manifest & create.

Sincerely Jocelyn xo


I specialise in the following:




Trauma & PTSD

Weight Loss

Quit Smoking

Narcissistic Abuse


Book a 15 min free session to discuss where you would like the biggest change.

I have 3 packages:

1 Session at standard price – By choosing an area where you need clarity and want to know a purposeful way forward with this session we can create momentum in your life that is believable and true.

1-3 Session package – With identifying an area that may require more than one session this is a phenomenal way to create change over 2-3 months that is everlasting and permanent.

Breakthrough package – The Breakthrough package is 100% commitment and includes choosing one area of life that you absolutely want to breakthrough from. The session can be between 4 hours to 8 hours maximum and is only for those ready to completely move ahead with their lives never looking back.

I offer payment plans which are assessed on a case by case basis.

I offer sessions in both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.


Jocelyn Awhina Dodunski

Manifesting Brilliance - Alliance with Mind Body & Soul

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Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia




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