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Gulmira is an experienced journalist and was also a dentist in the past. She became familiar with Marisa’s method when she was trying to lose a few extra pounds and to stop her cravings for bread and sugar. After experiencing personal success she knew instantly that this is something she would love to be doing in the future to help set people free from negative thoughts and to help them believe in themselves.

Gulmira has traveled around the world extensively with charitable missions while looking for inspiration. She met many people in different parts of the world feeling happy while being poor; and people who would suffer while having everything in abundance. Her life experience helped her understand that eternal happiness can be found only within you.

Gulmira is now a fully qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist offering sessions in English and Russian.

Gulmira specialises in Weight Loss, as well as helping clients gain confidence and stop procrastination.

She believes that everything is possible as long as you hold a strong desire to make changes happen.

Contact Gulmira for Weight Loss, Confidence and Procrastination.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist

Available on skype: Gulmira9999
Instagram: powowmind_me
Twitter: PowowMind
Facebook: Powowmind
[email protected]


Additional location: East Finchley, Aylmer Parade, London N2 0PE




Empowering your WOW factor

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22 Seymour Place, London, England United Kingdom W1H 7NL




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